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    The Jersey Royal Company


    Farming and Vegetable Processing


    Temporary Cold Storage System


    210kw Cooling- 3x 50kw Low Temp AHU’s

    The Challenge;

    Chilled storage hire to assist with seed potato quality.

    Jersey Royal were experiencing a problem with seed potatoes sprouting early. This causes issues when planting mechanically- the sprouts are knocked-off setting the growing cycles back and ultimately effecting the yield.

    Keeping the potatoes dormant can literally be the difference between profit and loss.

    The Solution

    ACR supplied four systems in total to three areas. The customers target temperature was specified at 2 Degrees.

    The systems comprised of ACR LT50 low temperature air handlers with full defrost controls and low temperature water chillers running a Glycol mixed water solution.

    The AHU’s were mounted at high level to give good coverage to the densely packed areas.


    Seed potatoes in boxes, stacked in a room next to a temporary cooling unit that has fans blowing air

    The seed potato’s in storage with a ACR LT50 air handling unit providing the cooling. These units come with automatic controls for accurate temperature control. The units use chilled glycol which is connected to the outside chiller with rubber hosing.


    The system was installed for a total of 6 months achieving the customers target temperatures- sprouting has been completely stopped, setting the potatoes for successful planting and high yields.

    A great result for everyone….

    What the Customer Says;

    “Advanced Climate Rentals supplied The Jersey Royal Company a water chilling system that met our specific requirements at our Packing facility in Jersey. Superb knowledge and service provided a solution to meet our needs without a major capital investment. I would not hesitate to recommend ACR to anyone requiring a rental solution for AC/Chiller equipment.”

    RG- The Jersey Royal Company

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