Chilled storage hire- the challenge

ACR were approached by this major potato grower to supply a chilled storage solution rapidly.

The client was experiencing problems with seed potatoes sprouting early. This causes problems when planting mechanically- the sprouts are knocked-off setting the growing cycles back and ultimately effecting the yield.

Keeping the potatoes dormant can literally be the difference between profit and loss.


chilled storage hire
The seed potatoes in trays being cooled by an ACR 50LT AHU


The Solution

ACR supplied four systems in total to three areas. The customers target temperature was specified at 2 Degrees.

The systems comprised of ACR LT50 low temperature air handlers with full defrost controls and low temperature water chillers running a Glycol mixed water solution.

The AHU’s were mounted at high level to give good coverage to the densely packed areas.


chilled storage hire
An ACR 50 LT Low temperature AHU installed


The area in the above photo is a long low room. Two AHU’s were installed in this area to provide effective air flow around the produce.


chilled storage hire
An ACR 80 CH installed. These chillers were set at a running temperature of -6 Degrees utilising a 30% glycol/ water mix as a secondary refrigerant.



The system have been in reliable operation for a month achieving the customers target temperatures- sprouting has been completely stopped, setting the potatoes for successful planting and high yields.

A great result for everyone….


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