• Temporary Chilled Storage Systems for Warehouses

  • For Foods and Other Perishables

  • Systems can be Supplied with Temporary Buildings

Cold Storage Hire- Chiller Systems for Warehouses, Temporary Buildings and Spaces.

ACR has developed reliable cold storage hire systems that can be quickly installed into warehouses used for cold chain supply. Large stocks of low temperature air handling systems and glycol chillers are available for immediate hire.

Generally the chiller systems are hired to increase capacity in the cold supply chain, or for peak periods including the warm summer months. Cold storage in the temperature range of 3-5 degrees is typical with deep chill within the systems capabilities.

Our chiller systems are professionally designed to meet, or exceed, the cooling requirements of our clients. Industrial quality equipment and 24/7 service support ensure reliability at all times.

Typical customer requirements for cold storage hire;

  • Additional temporary cold storage space for peak production periods.
  • Increased/ flexible chilled storage capacity for cold chain logistics contracts.
  • For additional cooler capacity in summer months.
  • Emergency hire in case of fixed cold store systems failure.
  • Changes in cold store specification- Increased capacity to lower cold store holding temperatures.
  • Spot cooling for difficult areas in the cold supply chain not meeting specification.
  • Temporary cooling turning ambient warehouses into cold storage facilities.


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Our cold storage hire systems generally comprise of the following;

Portable low temperature AHU’s.

ACR’s specialist air handling units are mounted in lifting frames for safe handling and mounting. They are supplied with full temperature and defrost controls- the units are fitted with electric defrost heaters.

In the photo below a typical temporary cold storage hire system can be seen. These low temperature air handling units were supplied with a scaffolding platform for increased elevation and better air distribution. The system was used for chilled food storage at 3 degrees. Twelve AHU’s were installed providing 1.1 megawatts of cooling capacity.


chilled storage hire
ACR LT 50 low temperature AHU’s installed on this large project


Low temperature chillers.

Water chillers supply the internal low temperature AHU’s with a water/ glycol solution. This cools the air passing over the AHU’s and then the space.

In the photo below two portable 550kw air cooled chillers can be seen. Two separate cooling water loops were used for this project each supplying 6 AHU’s


chilled storage hire
Two Trane 550kw air cooled chillers installed supplying chilled water/glycol to internal AHU’s


Temporary modular pipe-work for cold store hire systems

Modular rubber pipe-work systems are very reliable and quickly installed. The systems use Camloc connectors fast installation. The systems are designed and fitted to suite the specific requirements of each project.

In the photo below a section of an installed pipe-work system can be seen. A 4″ main is splitting to a 2″ riser feeding a high level AHU. Isolation and flow control valves are fitted servicing and commissioning.


cold storage hire
Modular pipe-work systems are quickly built to specification. The branches are fitted with isolation and flow control valves for balancing when the system is commissioned.


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