Cold store rental, including a temporary building with a low temperature chiller system was supplied to this client- providing a cost effective solution for storing finished potato products.

A major potato supplier required additional cold storage space for the Christmas peak. The unusually high December ambient temperatures was a major concern for storage of their packaged potatoes. Additional chilled space at 3 Degrees was required – Advanced Climate Rentals supplied a temporary 200kw refrigeration system on a 8 week contract.

The cold store rental consisted-of;

4x 50kw low temperature AHU’s with electric defrost and control panels.

A Trane ECGAN 212, 400kw hire chiller

A 250kva generator with 1000lt bunded fuel tank.


cold store rental
The Trane ECGAN chiller with the generator positioned behind. The 3″ rubber hosing and expansion vessel can be seen connected.


The system proposed was relatively simple. A pressurised Glycol cooling loop was used run in 10 Bar rubber suction and discharge hose. An expansion vessel was fitted to buffer and maintain the system pressure. This was manually filled and pressurised with a multi-stage pump with a 35% Polypropylene Glycol mix.

These rental chillers have an integral pump fitted so control was relatively simple utilising an enable signal provided by the master defrost controller for start and stop. The master and slaves can be configured to defrost at the same time- ideal for a single loop chilled water system.

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cold store rental
The temporary building with the 200kw chiller system on-hire for cold storage.


This cold storage system was fitted in under 6 hours and provided seamless operation for 4 weeks maintaining the freshness of the clients potato’s.


This foresighted customer- for a relatively small investment- was able to quickly install a reliable effective chilled storage system that protected its business at this critical time of year. A nice customer and nice job that we were very pleased to be involved with.

Advanced Climate Rentals can quickly install large and small temporary chilled storage systems- cold storage hire that protects and adds major value to your business.

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