Low temperature chilled storage AHU hire for all applications- turn your ambient space into a cold store.

The ACR LT50 and 25 air handlers are designed to provide effective, efficient low temperature chilled storage for products and production areas. The units come with full automatic controls and electric defrost to provide accurate reliable control of the space.


low temperature chilled storage
Low temperature ACR LT 50 AHU’s installed for temporary chilled storage in Lincoln.


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Large high volume fans ensure the complete area is covered. These units will effectively chill large areas for low temperature chilled storage of all perishables.

The units are supplied with ACR low temperature chillers. The chillers are installed with hosing to form a cooling loop. The systems are design for quick installation and removal.

These units are suitable for;

  • Temporary cold store installations in warehouses.
  • Installation to temporary buildings for low temperature chilled storage.
  • Increasing cold supply chain capacity
  • Increasing low temperature chilled storage capacity for peak production periods.
  • Spot cooling in cold stores.
  • Low temperature cooling for chilled food production areas.
  • Warehouse temperature control in hot summer months.


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New to the fleet


low temperature chilled storage
50kw low temperature AHU’s installed to a temporary building.


The new ACR LT 50 AHU is a portable low temperature air handling unit suitable for all cold storage applications.


Key features include;

  • Highly portable design- the units are mounted in lifting frames for safe handling and installation.
  • Full defrost controls fitted on removable frame. The frame can be removed for ground level location.
  • Manual over ride switching of all functions.
  • Electric defrost
  • Glycol no loss bypass valve fitted- allows multiple units to be use independently on a common coolant system.
  • 54kw cooling capacity at 3 Degrees- air flow 26,000 m3/hr


In the case study below 11x ACR LT50 low temperature air handling units were installed to an ambient warehouse to turn it into a cold store. The client- a major national food distributor- needed to rapidly increase their cold supply chain capacity to meet the demands of  a contract. The chiller equipment was installed on a long term rental contract and provided a major boost to the companies profits.


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