Warehouse cold storage systems- Convert your ambient warehouse quickly into a cold store…

warehouse cold storage
A ACR 50LT low temperature AHU installed in a warehouse for flower storage.

ACR have developed chiller systems that can be quickly installed to most warehouses to reliably maintain space temperatures of 1 to 5 degrees.

We have helped many long standing logistics and producer customers with their temporary cold chain supply problems.

Typical Warehouse cold storage projects include;

  • Chilling a major logistics companies 60, 000sq mt ambient warehouse to 2 degrees to maintain a large contract whilst permanent facilities were completed.
  • Installing a chiller system to a rented warehouse for a major flower distributor- additional space is required for seasonal peaks including Mothers Day.
  • Supplying a temporary building with a cooling system to store potatoes in peak condition for the Christmas peak.
  • Installing additional cooling to a seed potato storage warehouse to stop sprouting.

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The warehouse cold storage systems generally consist of;

  • Portable water chillers to supply the water/ glycol to the AHU’s
  • Quickly installed temporary pipe-work systems for water/ glycol supply to the AHU’s
  • Low temperature AHU’s with temperature and defrost controls fitted
  • Generators can be supplied for stand alone systems

Above all, our cold storage systems are designed to be installed quickly to any space. Generally a 100kw cold store chiller system can be installed within 2 hours on-site. Same day delivery and install can be achieved from first enquiry.

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