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    Sound stage cooling hire from the professionals. Expert heavy duty sound stage air conditioning hire, and temporary location film set cooling systems, available now for long and short term hire where and when you need them.

    ACR air handling units fitted to Stage 8 Elstree.

    Professional air handling systems with high grade filters and large volume fans with flexible ducting mean we can get cool clean air to where it’s needed, eliminating hot spots. Close control capability ensures a good constant working temperature, helping you meet production targets.

    Sound stage cooling at unbeatable rates

    Top equipment at unbeatable rates and rapid friendly service ensures customers old and new come to us time after time for their climate control solutions- if there’s a way to do it, we will find it. All our systems can be delivered and installed fast causing minimal production disruption. Budget costs available for film set cooling hire within minutes.

    ACR has hired cooling and heating solutions to some of the largest stages in Europe.

    Key features:

    Close temperature control

    High quality fan cooling units can achieve close temperature control of the stage environment, in all conditions hot or cold.

    Cool air where you need it

    Our portable air conditioning units are fitted with high volume fans for improved air turnover – flexible ducting gets conditioned air to where you need it, reducing hot spots- particularly useful for getting conditioned air to high level where lighting rigs can cause intolerable heat for personnel.

    Dust removal

    High quality filters scrub the air before re-circulating it removing dust and other particles ensuring a supply of cool dust free air to the film set.


    Central computer control for “one touch” operation of multiple fan cooling units including kill.

    Stand alone capability

    Generators also supplied if required for full stand alone systems including remote location work.

    Climate control air handling units – AHU hire

    Maintain your studio climate at a perfect temperature – these portable air handler units will heat or cool automatically giving your unparalleled control over your studio environment.

    Film set cooling, heating and climate control. Professional equipment at unbeatable rates.

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