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    Maybe you are short of working capital? Want to fix your costs? Need to extend the life of a building with an obsolete cooling system?

    Or maybe you have a short term lease or are a start up enterprise- Long term chiller rental could be a very cost effective solution.

    For a fixed agreed monthly fee we can design, install and maintain a water chiller on your site.

    This means:

    No upfront capital costs for equipment

    Low upfront costs. Chiller rental and leasing expenditure is 100% allowable against corporation tax- no waiting to recover capital costs.

    No more large bills for repairs

    All chiller repairs included in the contract, no nasty surprises- fixed costs can be budgeted for.

    No more service contract or call-out costs

    24/7 professional engineering support to keep your chiller running. All chiller servicing included.

    Guaranteed continuity of service

    You are guaranteed to get the cooling contracted for. If you pay for 750kw’s that’s what you get, even if it means supplying another chiller to replace a faulty leased chiller.

    Reduced running costs

    Modern energy efficient chillers supplied reducing your energy bills. Efficient chillers including the Turbocor compressor machines can substantially reduce energy use, possibly offsetting a good proportion of the rental costs.

    Absolutely hassle free fixed cost long term water chiller leasing and hire

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