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    Health and Safety

    The team at Climate Rentals are committed to the highest standards of Health & Safety in all our work. Our rental air conditioning and cooling systems are designed to maintain the desired temperature in any given circumstance and protect the health and well-being of you, your employees, visitors, and the public at large. 

    This includes providing the latest monitoring and control technologies to ensure Co2 levels are always within prescribed guidelines, appropriate ventilation is maintained and workers are protected from risk. The supply, installation and operation of our solutions, whether whole stand-alone structures or individual rigs units, always complies with the relevant HSE standards, regulations and work practices.  We are always pleased to share the appropriate certification, guidance and documentation with our clients. 

    We know our customers need confidence that our solution complies to the highest safety and quality standards. Whether it’s a planned installation to add extra capacity or a response to prevent loss in the event of a breakdown, you have total confidence in Climate Rentals. We will always prioritise compliance with Health & Safety rules and the well-being of your employees. 

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