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    Data centres are one of the fastest growing and innovative sectors of the cooling market. Whilst inherently data centres are designed with redundancy in mind, there have been occasions when  ACR have been asked to supply additional temporary cooling to our clients.

    Typical scenarios include;

    • Maintaining redundancy whilst fixed cooling equipment is replaced. This could be supplying high volume temporary CCU’s, AHU’s or chillers.
    • Maintenance or modifications to a chilled water system requiring isolation of certain areas. ACR can advise-on and supply innovative solutions to maintain service.
    • To maintain guaranteed cooling redundancy in the event of a chiller break-down. ACR have supplied rental chillers of large and small capacity to our clients to fulfil their contract terms.
    • Spot cooling in critical areas including UPS battery or transformer rooms.

    ACR maintains stocks of specialist Airedale close control units and industrial portable chillers for quick installation in emergencies.

    Server room air conditioning hire;

    ACR have available smaller portable systems for quick installation into smaller and medium sized server rooms. These systems are quick to install and offer reliable service in all conditions. Chilled water systems with Airedale CCU’s can also be supplied for larger server room air conditioning hire.

    Data centre chiller hire;

    ACR maintains large stocks chillers in all capacities for immediate supply to our clients sites. We offer planned and emergency support. Contingency equipment and plans constructed to cover all eventualities.

    If you have a project that requires additional cooling equipment hire please contact us for help and advice.

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