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    Temporary Ventilation with Heating


    200kw Heating- 35,000m3/hr Air Volume

    The Challenge;

    To provide temporary swimming pool ventilation hire.

    Basingstoke Aquadrome required a ventilation system to maintain operation whilst their fixed AHU was replaced. Heating and ventilation are important for providing a comfortable environment in the Aquadrome area. Typically, the temperature in the area needs to be 30 degree’s.

    Ten air changes per hour would be required.

    The Solution;

    For the supply air ACR recommended 2x ACR 160.120 AHU’s and a 200kw heating exchanger system.

    For the extract 2x inverter driven axial fans were fitted.

    A plate heat exchanger system was recommended as an efficient way to heat the air. A water/glycol mixture is pump through the AHU’s heater batteries and the exchanger. The primary side was fed from the clients LTHW system. This system isolates the primary from the secondary sides- advantages include, more stable temperature control and frost protection afforded by the glycol mix. A tank is fitted to give the head for pumping and to stabilise the temperature in the system.

    Because of the distance from the proposed AHU location and the work area, it was decided that the existing AHU’s ductwork would be used. Spigots were fitted to the existing for temporary air connections.

    The supply air temperature was controlled by the temporary AHU’s set at 34degrees.


    Ventilation AHU's for HVAC services at a swimming pool

    The completed installation. Three 500mm supply air ducts are fitted to each unit. The system was full fresh air. To the left the heat exchange system can be seen with 2″ suction pipe-work supplying the AHUs heater batteries.

    Temporary ductwork for swimming pool ventilation

    The completed ductwork installation. A temporary frame was built by the client to assist with fixing and to clear a footway. Out of shot, the ducts were fitted to spigots on the existing AHUs system.



    We were really happy with this installation. Flexible ductwork can be tricky to install, however, the careful planning and enabling works really paid off here.

    Air delivery to the work area measured well and the space temperature was consistently maintained at between 28-30 degrees. A job well done for this temporary swimming pool ventilation hire.

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