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    Temporary Cooling


    70kw Cooling- 60kw air handling

    The Challenge;

    To provide temporary patch room cooling hire for a major data centre operator.

    This client was experiencing problems with one of their fixed units and required a temporary system to be installed to secure operation.

    Whilst access for the equipment was straightforward, limited space in the room made this job a little trickier than first appeared.

    The Solution;

    We recommended a 60kw cooling system to match the faulty units capacity. Because of the space restrictions, a ducted system was discussed with the AHU’s mounted externally. However, this was declined due to the larger wall penetrations over hosing.

    In view of this, a chilled water system was agreed-on with an externally mounted water chiller.

    Internally, two compact 30kw AHU’s were fitted with ducting to direct the air into the hot isle.

    Flexible rubber hosing was used for fast connection of the chiller to the AHU’s.


    Temporary patch room cooling in a data centre

    The two internal AHUs fitted with ducting to direct the air into the hot isle. The units are compact and can be fitted into the tightest rooms, or externally with ducting into the work area.


    patch room cooling hire

    The chiller was fitted externally and connected to the AHUs with rubber suction pipe-work. This connection system is quick to install and reliable.


    A great little job this one and very important for this client to maintain reliable operations.

    The system provided temporary patch room cooling for around 4 months whilst the clients fixed units were repaired. No issues arose.

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