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    Temporary Ventilation with Heating


    100kw Heating- 17,500m3/hr Air Volume

    The Challenge;

    To provide temporary hospital ventilation hire whilst a AHU replacement programme was carried out.

    A major replacement programme of the hospitals air handling systems was programmed.  ACR were instructed to supply a temporary air handling system with on-going support to maintain essential ventilation operation.

    As a phased programme, a flexible system would be required that could be moved to follow the progressing works.

    The supply air was to be tempered to 17degrees.

    The Solution;

    We recommended that a single large ACR 160.120 AHU be located on and flat roof adjacent to the plant room. Flexible ductwork could then be run away from the unit into the plant room and extended as required. The clients contractors would complete the final connections as required.

    A plate heat exchanger system was recommended as an efficient way to heat the air. A water/glycol mixture is pumped through the AHU’s heater batteries and the exchanger. The primary side was fed from the clients LTHW system. This system isolates the primary from the secondary sides- advantages include, more stable temperature control and frost protection afforded by the glycol mix. A tank is fitted to give the head for pumping and to stabilise the temperature in the system.


    A temporary air handling unit supplying fresh air to a hospital

    The temporary AHU installed. Two 500mm flexible ducts were taken into the plant room and connected to the clients ductwork. The ducts were moved to suite the rolling programme of AHU replacement.


    The rental AHU control section

    The AHU automatically controls the heating system to maintain a consistant supply air temperature.



    This project was installed for three months. The clients programme was very well handled by their contractors and all in all the project went very smoothly.

    The temporary AHU was applied and functioned very well meeting all the design requirements.

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