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    Temporary Event ventilation


    70Kw cooling- 17,500m3/hr air flow

    Temporary Event Ventilation- The Versus Versace Show “My beautiful City”

    The Challenge;

    To supply temporary event ventilation for a major event at Victoria House, London.

    Climate Rentals were contracted to supply an air conditioning system for this prodigious event to be held during London fashion Week.

    The remit was to supply a system that would provide conditioned fresh air to the show area inside the building. The show was to be held in the basement area.


    The Solution;


    With limited fresh air supply from the buildings fixed systems, it was necessary to fit temporary event ventilation to maintain a cool, fresh environment.

    ACR’s design included a large ACS 160.120 air handling unit, a 30kw water chiller, 70mt of 500mm ducting and two 400mm air socks.

    The below picture shows the climate control unit located outside. Flexible duct was used to supply the air into the building onto the show area. The chiller was fitted for additional cooling and was used when the event was in full swing.


    Temporary event ventilation

    The HVAC air handling unit with ducting connected outside the building. The water chiller can be seen in the foreground, this provides chilled water to the AHU which cools the supply air. The AHU will monitor the internal space temperature and automatically heat and cool as required.



    This temporary system performed very well. The key to success here was supplying high volumes of fresh conditioned air to the very dense production area.

    The show was a complete success. Lasting 15 minutes this event took 2 days and thousands of man hours to set-up!

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