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    85kw cooling

    Temporary Cooling and Ventilation in London for a Production Warehouse- See how we helped this Fit-Out UK with critical cooling and ventilation of a production area.


    The Challenge;

    This was one of those jobs that landed very quickly from a client with a number of requirements. As well as experiencing very high temperatures in the production area, Covid 19 infection control was required to continue operations safely.

    A speedy response was required to address the issues.

    The Solution;

    With the aforementioned in mind a site survey was booked on the same day and a proposal put forward.

    A Trane IH85 heat pump AHU was recommended for the task. Key features of this unit include, cooling/ heating, ventilation, and helpfully for covid control, monitoring of C02 levels and adjustment of fresh air volumes. All in all, a great one box solution for this project and one the client was ultimately happy to order.

    The unit was brought to site on a hiab lorry the next working day and lifted into position. A tricky operation due to scaffolding that was in place for other works.

    Once in position, the unit was wired into a 125A electrical outlet and 500mm flexible air ducts fitted for air connection to the work area. A remote temperature controller was installed to the work area.

    To ensure correct operation, full commissioning of the system was carried out by our engineers. Highly experienced, they can check that the plant is in good running order and make adjustments that ensure the best operation.

    Using a crane mounted lorry temporary ventilation can be delivered and installed in any workplace

    The Trane IH85 being lifted into position. A tricky operation due to the head room being limited by scaffolding.


    The project was in operation for a total of 12 weeks. Providing faultless operation, it ensured that our customers operatives were able to work in a cool fresh environment, significantly increasing productivity.

    One of the key advantages here, was having the right equipment in stock and available for fast install by our experienced engineers.

    We are proud of the service we offer our clients and would be happy to assist in any way.



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