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    Temperature controlled warehouse partitioning for banana storage- Project overview

    Certainly one of the largest and most challenging temperature control projects we have ever carried out.

    Measuring at 288,000 sq/mt and at a height of 20 metres, this area was partitioned from the main deep chill warehouse for a 15 degree storage chamber. Critically, achieving good airflow around the area would be key to the success of this project.

    Because of this, and after a lot of head scratching,  it was decided to take the difficult option and mount six units on the high level gantry. Another 12 were mounted on scaffold platforms on the rear wall of the warehouse. The intention being to circulate the air around the warehouse.

    6 key features for successful warehouse temperature control hire;

    1. Air flow, air-flow, air-flow! You will need high volume fans to reach all areas
    2. AHU positioning, safely get the units to where they are needed.
    3. Good control strategy for heating and cooling- stay close to set-point
    4. Reliability, no single points of failure- use multiple independent systems
    5. Check power supplies and that local distribution boards have capacity
    6. Fit the equipment carefully, fully commission and test

    How we did it;

    Once we had made the decision to put the units on the gantry, careful attention was paid to the planning of this operation.

    Of paramount concern, was safety- when your lifting 700kg of air handling unit 17mt in the air, it needs to be safe. That’s why we enlisted the help of a professional lifting company with a telehandler.

    It was tricky, but in the end all six AHU’s made it safely onto the gantry. The remaining 12 AHU’s were fitted in pairs onto scaffolding platforms at the rear of the warehouse.

    A JCB telehandler lifting an AHU to high level gentry

    Lifting the AHU’s onto the gantry. All were lifted from this point and skidded into final position

    Two chilled water cooling systems were used with a total capacity of 950kw. The chillers were located externally and piped with 10 bar rubber suction hosing. For quick installation, our pipe-work systems use Camloc hose connections and branch fittings. Its a great system, and very reliable.

    Heating of the air was by electric heater banks fitted to the AHU’s- 18kw’s total each.

    What about control? We set-up two control zones, one for the the low level AHU’s and the other for the high level.

    One AHU on each zone was set-up as a master, controlling all slave unit’s heating and cooling functions.

    How did it all go?

    If we were being honest, we far exceeded our expectations. Temperature control was excellent, within 0.5 of a degree around set-point.

    However; air-flow, remember that? and lack off, caused some problems around the tightly packed pallets. We overcame this issue by increasing space between the rows, increasing air penetration.

    All in all, a challenging, but very satisfying project to be involved with.

    Two temporary warehouse temperature control AHU fitted on a wooded platform

    This photo of two smaller units serving a narrow isle illustrates all the elements of the system. Modular rubber pipe-work with Camlock fittings, temporary electrical distribution and controls.



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