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    Chiller Hire for a Hotel- a Low Noise Solution


    The Challenge;

    To Supply a low noise chiller hire for a hotel in Durham.

    ACR Ltd were called by the engineering team at the Marriott Hotel in Durham with a significant problem- the fixed York chiller had broken down. With the hotel fully booked and with Durham University graduation in full-swing it was critical to get a solution up and running fast.


    The Solution;


    The site was surveyed by our engineers and a proposal put to the client. Because of the close location of the chiller to the hotel additional acoustic baffling was recommended to reduce noise.

    A  super reliable 330kw Trane RTAB chiller was fitted and connected to the buildings water system in 3″ rubber suction and delivery hosing. H07 RNF flexible cable was used for the electrical supply. The whole system was installed by our team in 6 hours.


    A rental chiller with acoustic baffling fitted

    The completed installation. The acoustic baffling fitted to the machine massively reduced noise on the hotel side. The panels are modular and can be attached to any chiller.




    The chiller was installed for a total of 12 months whilst the fixed chiller was being replaced.

    The acoustic panels are modular and constructed of Aluminium for easier handling. The panels can be fitted to any chiller to reduce operating noise.

    Climate Rentals holds large stocks of chillers for hire– in all capacities and types, all available for immediate hire 24/7 Nationwide.

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