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    Why use HVAC in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector

    We supply air conditioning and cooling systems across the health sector from pharmaceutical production processes to on-site hospital applications. Drug research, manufacture and related scientific practices often require temperature-controlled and clean-air environments to prevent contamination or degradation.

    Our rental units can create appropriate cooled and protected areas within existing facilities or for new, temporary applications. Hospitals also require temperature control for a range of applications from bio-matter storage to mortuary services.

    How Climate Rentals can assist

    Our air cooling and handling systems can help you accurately manage environments involved in any aspect of drug production and distribution or the wider healthcare sector. Our stand-alone cold rooms, integrated cold store areas or temporary cooling solutions are safe and come with all the required certification for medical environments.
    We can deliver and install them at short notice too – often within 24hrs!

    Services include, amongst others;

    • Stand-alone temporary cold storage – supplied from stock and installed quickly
    • Pharmaceutical production and distribution cooling rigs – supplied from stock to accurately control the temperature within existing facilities
    • Storage and warehouse cooling – supplied from stock in response to additional capacity requirements
    • Emergency response – we can respond quickly to unplanned events with cooling and cold storage solutions.

    Climate Rentals has a proven track record in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We understand the unique challenges of working in tightly controlled environments. Whether it’s focusing on contamination avoidance or patient care, we can provide solutions. Please contact our team with any questions.

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