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    Temporary Chiller Installation


    1.1Mw Cooling

    Industrial Chiller Hire in Kent for Pharmaceutical Production.

    The Challenge;

    To supply a 1.1mw temporary chiller system as a contingency backup to the clients ammonia systems.

    Fitted to a central district cooling system, the clients cooling system required a back-up to serve various office and industrial processes.  The total specified cooling capacity was 1100kw’s.

    Dual separate chillers and pump sets required a change over system in the event of any one failing.

    The Solution;

    ACR recommended two 550kw air cooled Trane chillers each fed with a 4″ rubber suction/discharge hose.

    Connection from the pump outlets were in 6″ composite hose to a 6″ manifold with isolation valves to each branch. In this way, switching between the pumps was possible depending on which was running.

    A common return manifold was supplied and fitted.

    Of particular concern was the system running pressure of 5.5barg. With no heat exchanger fitted, any potential failure of the temporary hosing would result in flood back from the very large system. To mitigate this risk, all Camloc connections were specified in Stainless Steel with new hoses specifically assembled for the rating by our friends at Merseyflex

    Electrical connection was made locally using H07 RNF flexible cable supplied and fitted by ACR.

    Temporary Flexible water pipework can be assembled on site

    The change-over manifold set. Flow can be taken from either of the customers pump sets by opening the corresponding valve. Each chiller was fed with a 4″ pipe before returning to a common manifold.


    The temporary pipework was manually filled and pressure tested before opening to the clients system. Proving integrity before full operation.

    Once all pre-commissioning tests were completed the system was started and the chillers load tested at 100% operation. Finally, running logs and Fgas leak testing were completed before handing over to the client for day to day operation as required.


    The return pipe-work from the chillers. 2x 4″ Flexible hoses into Camloc fittings at the manifold.


    A really nice job this one for an appreciative client. The system was stationed as a contingency back-up for 12 weeks at the height of summer, giving the client peace of mind in the event of failure.

    In the long run, this can be very cost effective solution as apposed to an emergency response situation with associated down time.

    If you think that your systems may be vulnerable please drop us a line. We can assist with contingency planning. Contact Here

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