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    Olympic Excel Fleet


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    HVAC System


    150kW Cooling 40kw heating

    Event HVAC Rental for Olympic Fleet Depot at the EXCEL in London.


    The Challenge;


    To provide event HVAC rental at the Excel centre for a staff break-out area.

    ACR were approached by SMP Building Services Consulting Engineers to supply a temporary HVAC system for this project. Completely new, the rest area for the Olympic Fleet staff was to be constructed from scratch in the underground car park. The space required a HVAC system maintain comfortable conditions. Air distribution was also included in the package.


    The Solution;


    Air-sock was fitted for cost effective final distribution in the room.

    An ACS 160.120 climate control air handling system was fitted along with a 150kw water chiller. The air handler was deliberately oversized to provide the required volume of air at lower velocities- reducing noise.

    Air-sock was fitted for final distribution in the room. Air-sock is quickly fitted and provides quiet delivery.


    The temporary HVAC system installed at the Olympic Excel Fleet Depot. An ACS 160.120 climate control air handler was used with a 150kw chiller. External ductwork was made in solid Spiral with a fabric air sock system fitted internally.


    The temporary HVAC system consisted of the following;

    • A 150kw rental water chiller with on–board pump to provide cooling as required.
    • Air distribution from the AHU was in solid spiral ducting feeding 3x 25mt 400mm internal fabric air socks.
    • Heating was supplied by electric heater batteries fitted on-board the AHU’s

    The system was installed over a period of 2 days and was in operation for 3 months.

    For more information on our event HVAC rental services please click here


    Moving and positioning of the air handling unit with a fork lift truck. The units are mounted in lifting frames for easier lifting and movement.


    Temporary air sock for air distribution

    Air socks are an effective way to distribute conditioned air into any space. They are quick to install into even the most unusual spaces. These socks were installed into a Boeing 747 fuselage.

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