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    70kw Cooling- 80kw air handling

    Emergency Server Room Cooling to Facilitate Critical CCU Repair Works

    The Challenge;

    To provide emergency server room cooling during un-planned repair works. Critically, the area required  fast installation of a cooling system to maintain seem-less operation.

    The Solution;

    Our main consideration, and our approach in general to data centre projects, is reliability and available redundancy in the event of failure. Furthermore, speed was of the essence.

    In view of the aforementioned, we recommended the fitting of two ACR 80.60 air handling units and CH100 water chillers. By designing the system with two stand alone elements, full cooling duty would be maintained in the event that any one would fail. The units are also portable and quickly installed and set up on site.

    Because of the time of year and the availability of free cooling, it was proposed that full fresh air be utilised with ducting into the building. The chillers were fitted to provide additional cooling in the event of higher ambients. Given that the supply air was being ducted into the floor plenum, no specific temperature control of the area was required as the CCU’s feeding this common area would adjust as required.

    Another key point of a ducted system is that no cooling or condense water is sent into the building. A major advantage when considering a design.


    Emergency server room cooling systems that are portable can be supplied and installed quickly

    The AHU’s and chillers located outside the data centre. The 500mm flexible ductwork can be seen running away to the building. Consisting of two stand alone systems, each including an AHU and chiller, reliability of service was assured.

    The system remained in operation for 3 weeks whilst repairs were made to the fitted CCU.


    A great little job this one for an established client that was conceived and delivered quickly. Importantly from the clients point of view, successful projects had been carried out this way by ACR in the past and a good level of trust developed. Consequently this gave the client confidence in moving forward at pace to rectify a critical issue.

    Developing trusting relationships important to all the ACR team and drives our ethos. If you would like ACR to look at and design contingency systems for your data centre please get in touch now for the best advice.

    500mm flexible air ducts entering the data centre and floor plenum. In this data centre air is mixed under the floor from multiple CCU’s and vents fitted local to the server racks. In this instance we were ducting directly into the vicinity of the broken down units to support operation whilst repairs were carried out.

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