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    Temporary Cooling


    350kw Cooling 35,000m3/hr Air Volume

    The Challenge;

    ACR was contracted to supply temporary data centre cooling rental whilst a major CCU replacement programme was carried-out.

    The Solution;

    Two temporary AHU’s were supplied along with chillers for a total of 300Kw’s of cooling capacity. Fresh air was supplied to the building through flexible 500mm ducts. Chillers were fitted to boost cooling when ambient temperatures rose and free cooling was not sufficient.

    The conditioned air was ducted into and under the floor plenums and onto the work areas. All the data centres CCU’s were being replaced on a rolling programme and the duct-work was moved to suite the ongoing cooling requirements of the programme.

    The ACS160.120 air handling unit installed. The 400kw chiller is located behind and connected by rubber suction hose.

    This AHU is rated at 200kw’s. A 400kw chiller was supplied with this to boost the ambient air cooling capacity. A 6 degree delta T was was achieved across the AHU in this way. The AHU will supply air at a rate of 4m3/s.

    The second air handling unit serving the rear data halls.

    The second AHU system supplying the rear of the building. Air was being sent in at 6.5 degrees- an 8 degree delta T over ambient achieved by mechanical cooling. This is a 100kw AHU, supplying air at a volume of 4 m3/s.


    Temporary cooling ductwork supplying a data centre

    500mm ducting entering the data centre and under the floor plenum. The ducts were moved to follow the suite the ongoing requirements of the project. This method of supplying chilled air means that air handler and chilled water systems are located externally, negating the risks from water leaks.



    Overall this temporary cooling system proved to be a very effective, efficient system. All the customers requirements were met, and full reliable operation of the data centre was possible during the replacement works. The key to the success of this project was the supply of large amounts of chilled air at high velocity to the work areas- very effective data centre cooling rental.

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