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    Data centre chiller hire- a customer success story

    The Challenge;

    To supply temporary data centre chiller hire to support a critical government building.

    ACR were approached by a long term client with an emergency situation. Their fixed Carrier chiller plant had failed and a quick solution was required to maintain building and data centre operation.

    The Solution;

    The total building load was calculated at 650Kw. Two reliable Trane RTAB air cooled temporary water chillers with a total cooling capacity of 750Kw were installed along with all cable, pumps and hosing as required. The complete system was successfully installed in one day, leaving the client with a reliable fully commissioned chilled water system.

    The plant has to date been in successful operation for 18 Months. The lead chiller in the circuit has run continuously in all load conditions and has clocked up over 12,000 hours operation. Weekly service checks by our fully qualified engineers have given the client high levels of peace of mind and ensured complete reliability.

    Data centre chiller hire- notes

    The chillers were piped in series for closer more stable temperature control. Low supply water temperatures of 1.3 degrees were safely possible due to a 20% glycol mixed water system and excellent controls which constantly adapt to load conditions. The lag machine set-point was set at 1.6 degrees to enable running only after the lead unit reached capacity. In this way very stable close control was achieved with flow temperatures in the range of 1.2- 1.6 degrees in all load conditions.

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