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    Alcatel Submarine Networks




    Temporary cooling and ventilation


    330kw cooling

    Cleanroom Cooling and Ventilation Hire for Alcatel Submarine Networks in Greenwich.

    The Challenge;

    It’s safe to say this ranks among one of our most challenging projects. Albeit, not in terms of scale, but more from a controls point of view.

    The client’s plant was to undergo a replacement programme. Three air handling systems, serving three clean rooms were to be replaced whilst maintaining production.

    With tight temperature and humidity bands of plus/minus 2 degrees and 20% RH, this project required very careful consideration and realisation. Even then, much follow-up commissioning was required to achieve  what would turn out to be a great result.

    The Solution;

    With the aforementioned in mind a detailed site survey was made and a proposal put forward.

    This proposal included, 3x ACR 160.120 AHU’s, 3x CH150 packaged water chillers and all associated equipment, including all air ducting and chilled water hosing.


    All external equipment was positioned using a hiab lorry. Due to limited space multiple lifts were required involving re-positioning of the lorry. A big thanks as always to the guys at David Stanley Transport for their unswerving support.

    Portable AHU's can be lifted by and crane and positioned on site

    Delivery and positioning of the AHU’s with a lorry mounted crane. With front lifting capability, this truck and crane, with multiple lifts, was able to move the AHU’s into the final position.

    The external AHU’s and chillers positioned and connected.


    Once Positioned, the AHU’s were fitted with 500mm supply and suction ductwork. The chillers were connected with 2″ rubber suction/ discharge pipe-work, with each AHU being served by one packaged chiller. The chillers used here have a capacity of 110kw cooling, and incorporating tanks and pumps, are neat and easy to install.

    The 500mm ductwork systems were installed/ supported in the plant room using a catenary wire system. The final connection was made to the clients plant during short change over periods, when the fixed plant was shut down and the temporary connected and started.


    The 500mm supply and return ductwork connecting the temporary AHU’s to the customers plant. Three cleanroom areas were ventilated in this way whilst the existing plant was replaced.


    Requiring some serious lateral thinking and revisits to the design, commissioning was very involved.

    Initially, temperature control was facilitated by the AHU’s on-board controllers using sensors placed in the rooms. However, as a result of the clients monitoring systems, including multiple averaging sensors, there was a disconnect between the systems ie. our control temperature sensor was not reading the same as their averaged, consequently taking the room out of specification and stopping work. As a result, a full controls review was undertaken and a course of action decided upon.

    Outputs from the clients existing controls systems were used to drive additionally control valves for the chilled water supply. As such, temperature monitoring and control was centralised in one place ensuring accurate space temperatures within spec.


    Temporary AHU for cleanroom ventilation with a three port chilled water control valve fitted

    One of the three port chilled water valves retrofitted to the temporary AHU. This valve was controlled directly by a signal from the clients BMS system. Closer control of the space temperature was achieved in this way.



    After some initial controls issues the space temperature control achieved with the temporary AHU’s was exceptional. Re-evaluating the control strategy, coupled with modifiable systems, was significant to achieving this.

    All things considered, disruption to the clients operations was minimal, with normal operation maintained. The temporary system remained in place for a total of 6 months whilst the clients AHU’s were replaced.


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    Please See Below a Short Walk Around of The HVAC Plant.



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