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    Temporary Process Cooling Chiller hire


    750kw Water Chiller

    The Challenge;

    Process cooling chiller hire for a major chemical production company.

    Syngenta approached ACR for a solution to their cooling needs at their KIP production facility.

     A fast turn around on this project was required to maintain the customers production performance, and more importantly, their safety. Potential thermal run-away in their process required a reliable solution to manage this risk.

    Evaporator failure on the fixed chillers meant they were shut down to prevent moisture ingress- this problem had occurred in the recent past raising serious concerns with unit durability.

    The Solution;

    With the aforementioned in mind, Climate Rentals specified a Carrier 30GX chiller with a tough flooded evaporator. Straight through exchange tubing and  wide usable water flow rate up to a maximum of 45 lt per second, would ensure reliability in this harsh industrial environment.

    For quick and reliable connection to the clients water system 4″ rubber suction and discharge hosing was supplied.

    The chiller was supplied on a flexible long term contract with full service and call-out response to ensure reliability.


    Temporary Process cooling chillers can be delivered and connected quickly to the customers water system with rubber suction/ discharge hose

    The Carrier 30GX rental chiller located at the plant. 4″ rubber suction/ discharge hose was used to connect it to the customers water system.


    Proving to be reliable, this rental chiller has now been installed for 12 months. Because of this reliability and the well controlled cooling delivery, the chiller has had a great effect on production efficiency.  The plant is now at full production, proving this solution to be very cost effective.

    Climate Rentals can supply chillers from stock for all process cooling applications- click here for more details

    What is process cooling chiller hire?

    Process cooling chiller hire is used in industry for the safe control of chemical reactions or to improve other production processes. Chillers use a refrigeration cycle to remove energy from a closed loop of water circulated to/from the heat load. Manufactures hire chillers for flexible capacity, reduced costs, or to replace broken machinery.

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