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    The Challenge;

    Event air conditioning hire, for an unusual project aboard an aeroplane..

    Advanced Climate Rentals were approached at short notice by the client with a significant problem. The plane was due to be used for an event, this included decking out the fuselage with live foliage to give a woodland theme. However, the client was concerned that the high ambient and on-board temperatures would cause severe wilting and loss of a significant part of the events theme- an effective event air conditioning system was required.

    The client required a temperature of 15 Degrees to maintain the foliage for 24hrs, followed by 22 degrees for the main event.


    The Solution;

    ACR recommended fitting an ACR 160.120 AHU and a 50kw chiller to provide chilled air to an 300mm air sock distribution system.

    Air sock was fitted to give low noise air distribution. Also, neatly installed in the roof area, it didn’t impinge on the overall floor space available.

    A 50kw water chiller was supplied with an ACR 160.120 ahu. The chiller cools water which is passed through the AHU. This in turn cools the air which is passed though it. Flexible air ductwork was used to connect the air handling unit to the air-sock distribution system.

    In the below picture the air socks can be seen run in the ceiling space.

    temporary air sock installed into an event space

    The installed air sock fitted to the top of the fuselage. The client was really happy with the look of this.


    The project was a complete success with all requirements being met.

    An interesting fact; the plane was never painted because this would add 1 and a half tons to the overall weight. Weight that could be added to the payload…

    The plane was last operated by MK Airlines (Mike Kruger) before the company went into liquidation. This plane was flown into the airport and abandoned where it stands today!

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    HVAC systems can be fitted to the most unusual structures

    The external plant included a chiller and air handling unit (AHU). The chiller cools water which is passed through the AHU to cool the air. This was then sent through flexible ductwork to the air sock inside.


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