Flower Cold Storage- ACR Installs a Temporary Chilled Storage System

ACR successfully completes installation of temporary refrigeration systems for flower cold storage.



The client’s application

To meet peak production targets for flower supply at Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day the client required additional flower cold storage areas. Three areas with a total in excess of 30,000 sq/ft were opened up to meet demand.

A temperature of 3 Degrees was specified to maintain the finished product in optimum condition before shipping to store.

The solution

ACR fitted three independent systems to the area’s utilising low temperature water chillers and specialist air handling units.

Two areas were fitted with a total of 120kw’s of cooling each and a larger area with a 160kw system. Quick install modular pipe-work systems and fittings kept the install times and in-convenience to a minimum.

The systems were professionally commissioned by our qualified engineers to meet the specifications required by the client and have run fault free for the duration.

The ACR LT50 AHU’s are specifically built for low temperature chilled storage applications, featuring defrost heaters/ controls, and high velocity fans.


ACR prides itself on supplying reliable systems for our clients.


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The temporary low temperature AHU’s installed in the warehouse.


ACR has systems of all sizes available for large and small scale applications. Our systems are designed to be quickly and economically installed saving you time and money.


Typically from first call to us a 100kw cold store system can be dispatched and  installed within 24hrs.


New to the fleet- The ACR 50LT AHU.

These units are designed to be highly portable and tough. They are compact and powerful with all controls on board for quick hassle free installation- call us for more details.


flower cold storage
50kw low temperature AHU’s installed to a temporary building.


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