A challenging project…

A commonly used phrase, but what does it really mean. This project really did present challenges in terms of equipment specification, installation and health and safety issues.


One of the eight 110kw AHU’s fitted at high level on this project.


The Project

The client required a cooling system to maintain 8 isles of its warehouse for storage of temperature critical product, including chocolate and creamed coconut.

Summer temperatures in excess of 23 degrees were causing stored chocolate to bloom- fat bloom appears as a whitish coating on the surface- obviously not desirable for the consumer.

Creamed coconut squares were starting to melt with oil dripping from packaging.

The client was under extreme pressure to manage the temperature in these areas to minimise losses of product and maintain contractual obligations.

A particular problem to overcome for this project were space issues. Restricted floor space, narrow isles and a need for maximum high level air distribution meant that cooling capacities and effective air distribution would not be feasible from floor mounted units.

Another contractor in the past had positioned AHU’s externally, cutting large holes in the buildings structure to install ducting. The overall results were not effective. Air flow/ cooling capacity were not adequate and reinstating the buildings fabric expensive.

The Solution.

After detailed site and structural surveys ACR proposed high level mounting of ACR 110 AHU’s units. The low profile, high capacity and structural integrity of these units suited them to this application where safe lifting and positioning were critical.


Lifting the units into position with an electric hoist.


The units were lifted to high level by a specialist lifting team using an electric hoist, and then turned and rested on the racks.


A 110kw AHU positioned.


In the above photo one of the installed units can be seen. The top racks were later cleared to maximise air projection.

The units were fed with 2″ flow and return insulated risers- a total of eight were fed from a 3″ chilled water main. A 350 kw portable chiller was installed with buffer tank and pump.


The 350kw chiller and pump installed to the side of the building.



A great install, carried out in a safe and controlled manner. From design, through install and operation, this project was successfully realised.

The system remained in reliable operation for a total of 20 weeks through the summer months meeting the customers target temperatures. Towards the end of the project it was even mentioned that the warehouse was feeling chilly… music to our ears.



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