Event structure air conditioning- A complete 400kw HVAC climate control system designed and installed by Climate Rentals at short notice for Olympic ceremonies performers on the Eton Manor site.


event structure
The six ACS 100.60 installed. Each unit has 2x supply and extract ducts fitted.


This HVAC project came about as a result of the test events held prior to the Olympics. It was found that insufficient space was available for the opening ceremony performers to make up in.

At short notice ACS were asked to specify and install a temporary climate control system to air condition the area. The tent was very large at 70x 30mt meaning a high air volume/ velocity system would be required. Equipment was restricted to one side of the tent and budget limitations meant distribution systems such as air sock could not be used.


event structure
Inside the tent preparing for the ceremony.


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ACS supplied and fitted Six ACS 100.60 AHU’s and a 400kw portable water chiller with a reinforced rubber hose distribution system. Flexible ducting was used for supply and return air distribution. The air handlers were able to supply the air at enough velocity to circulate air evenly over the whole internal area- consistent temperatures were maintained throughout the space in this way.

The whole event HVAC project was specified, fitted and commissioned within a week. Decommissioning took 6Hrs.


Simplicity of design and versatile equipment was key to fast installation. The ACS 100.60 air handler is a one box heating and cooling solution- quickly installed, they offer full auto control. Electric on- board heating allows simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones as opposed to heat pump systems where all are heating or cooling. Dehumidification is also possible with the reheat option. The chiller is self contained with a pump system fitted. A quick fit modular rubber pipe-work system using Camloc connections is fitted fast and is above all, reliable.


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