Cold store case studies for temporary cooling systems supplied to our clients. Please take a look at some of the projects we are proud to have delivered.


ACR have developed portable cold storage systems that can be installed quickly into any space. Typically we can get a 100kw chiller system installed within 2 hours on site. Call us in the morning, and it is entirely possible that you can have a system up and running the same day.

Our cold storage cooling systems can be installed into most warehouses and other spaces large and small alike.


cold storeNew to the fleet- The ACR LT 50kw low temperature air handling unit.

The units have been developed to be portable and safely handled- they can be used for all cold store applications where a compact powerful cooler is required.

The units are supplied with low temperature chillers using a water/ glycol mix as a secondary refrigerant.




cold storeThe lifting frames allow the units to be safely mounted or suspended. A detachable control panel can be mounted at low level for safe access.

The units are fitted with three-port control valves for independent control when fitted in multiples on a common water circuit.  This is also and advantage when multiple units are in different areas or zones.


In the above shot the removable frame mounted panel can be seen. There is digital temperature/ defrost controller fitted. The fan, heater and control valve can be manually controlled by a toggle switches.


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Cold Store Case Studies

The cold store case studies below illustrate how we have helped some of our many long standing clients maintain their business continuity and boost profitability.

Typically the systems are installed to;

  • Supplement existing cooling systems
  • For additional cold storage space- maybe for seasonal peaks
  • Emergencies, including fixed plant break downs
  • Spot cooling of problem areas in the cold chain


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