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Chiller Leasing- the Challenge;

Advanced Climate Rentals were recently approached by a customer that was experiencing problems with the chiller at their central London offices. The client was occupying an older 30,000sq/ft building on a short four year lease- after which the site is due for re-development.

The chiller was surveyed by our engineers and found in a very dilapidated condition . It was an older machine charged with R22 refrigerant (now not serviceable), both compressors were showing low earth resistance and required replacing.

The client had previously spent considerable sums of money to keep the machine operational, but found itself in the position of having a machine that was ultimately uneconomical  to repair. The short lease also meant that the client didn’t want to commit large amounts of capital to replace the machine.


chiller leasing
The Daikin lease chiller installed. 10Bar rubber suction hosing was used to connect to the building chilled water system.


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The Solution- Chiller Leasing….

Advanced Climate Rentals proposed a water chiller on a fixed term agreement. The set monthly costs, including all equipment, servicing and any breakdown/ repair’s appealed to the client after the open ended costs for the redundant machine.

A reliable, efficient Daikin chiller was installed with reinforced rubber hosing to connect to the buildings existing flow and return chilled water pipe-work. It was decided to install the chiller at ground level to reduce installation costs- a crane lift would have required a road closure.

Full integration was made to the buildings BMS system for auto control.

The system was installed and commissioned in 1 day and has been in reliable operation for 12 months.


chiller leasing
The rubber pipe-work installed. The pipe was fixed the the fire escape safety mesh.
chiller leasing
This pipe-work run was 25mt to the roof.















The completed installation can be seen above. The Diakin chiller was located in the car park and the chilled water hosing and cabling run up the side of the building to the roof where it was connected to the buildings chilled water system. The system was manually filled and pressurised  before bringing on-line to the building to prevent disruption.

3″ 10Bar reinforced rubber hosing system with Camlock connectors was specified; this sort of system is quick to install and very durable.


Chillers with major mechanical problems or older obsolete units can present major financial  costs to companies. Repairs and refurbishments can be very costly, raising the question, is it a good investment to make in potentially unreliable and inefficient equipment?

Chiller leasing can provide a practical solution to these problems.

Advantages include;

  • No up front capital required
  • Fast, hassle free installation
  • No expensive design and consultancy fee’s
  • Fixed costs you can budget for.
  • All maintenance and repair costs included.
  • Reduced energy costs from modern efficient equipment.


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