Increasing Potato Shelf Life With a Chilled Water Washing System…

A customer success story…

The customer

A major potato grower approached Advanced Climate Rentals for a system to supply chilled water to their washing process at 5 Degrees.

The potatoes in the summer harvesting months can come in at temperatures in excess of 25 Degrees. Washing in chilled water before packaging cools the potatoes, closing pores and prolongs shelf life.

The washers go through cycles with in excess of 2000lt water refills. 3 such washers are installed on the site.

The solution

Although the cooling capacity was not calculated to be high, the large draw-off for washer filling would not be possible at stable supply temperatures without buffering. ACR designed a system utilising a large 20,000lt potable water tank for supply to the process.

Plate heat exchangers were specified to isolate between the process and primary chilled water system

Plate heat ex-changer hire
The twin 100kw plate heat ex-changers.

Initially one 100kw plate heat exchanger was installed, however it was found that the full chiller capacity was not being utilised and another was fitted in series. This flexibility neatly illustrates the advantages of a rented system in so much that alterations can be easily made.

The primary cooling circuit consisted of a 65kw chiller running a 20% glycol/ water mix at -2 Degrees. It was found after extensive testing that this set-point provided optimal usage of the chillers capacity.

The secondary pumping sets can be seen above feeding the water circuits to the factory. Constant loops were used with water drawn off to the washers by means of automated valves. Staggered re-filling of the washers ensured a stable temperature within the system.


Advanced Climate Rentals has worked closely with the client through the design and operation of this plant. Day to day operational support and modifications of this plant have ultimately achieved fantastic results- renting gives this flexibility.

This system has been in operation for two harvests. The cost for installation and operation have been greatly offset by increased shelf life of the product.

What The Client Says

“ Advanced Climate Rentals supplied us a water chilling system that met our specific requirements at our Packing facility. Superb knowledge and service provided a solution to meet our needs without a major capital investment. I would not hesitate to recommend ACR to anyone requiring a rental solution for AC/Chiller equipment.” RG