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Chemical reactor cooling- ACR assists a major chemical producer maintain production with the installation of a temporary chemical process cooling chiller.

 A fast turn around on this project was required to maintain the customers production performance, and more importantly, their safety. Potential thermal run-away in their process required a reliable solution to manage this risk.


chemical reactor
The 700kw Carrier 30GX chiller installed.


Evaporator failure on the fixed chillers meant they were shut down to prevent moisture ingress- this problem had occurred in the recent past raising serious concerns with unit durability.

With this in mind advanced Climate Rentals specified a Carrier 30GX chiller with a tough flooded evaporator. Straight through exchange tubing and  wide usable water flow rate up to a maximum of 45 lt per second will ensure reliability in this harsh industrial environment.


chemical reactor
Reliable chiller hire for process cooling- this Carrier 30GX features a tough flooded evaporator.


The flooded evaporator with the Carrier 06NA compressors mounted on top. Two circuits, one with a tandem compressor set-up will give up to 750kw’s of cooling capacity. Connection to the customers plant was made in 4″ rubber suction hose with Camloc connections- a fast flexible system for all applications. Reliable chiller hire.

This rental chiller has now been installed for 6 months providing reliable chemical reactor cooling. The chiller has had a great effect on production efficiency and continuity because of its reliable and well controlled cooling delivery- the plant is now at full production, proving this solution to be very cost effective.


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