1000kw process chiller hire provides emergency cooling for the WH Smith Halo plastic injection moulding factory.

The client was experiencing increasing production difficulties in the hot summer months due to on site chiller failures.

Chilled water performs the important role of cooling the extrusion after the injection molding process. The situation was becoming critical and a production shut-down was looking increasingly imminent due to loss of cooling capacity.

A modular chiller was installed to meet the cooling needs of the plant.

Water was pumped from the hot side of a mixing pit through the chiller and into the cool side, forming a primary circuit that was pumped into the building. The complete installation was installed in two days completely meeting all their cooling requirements. The system ran at consistent loads of 600-800Kw through-out the rental period.

1000kw process chiller hire
The advanced Modular 1000kw chiller. Fitted to plastic extrusion factory providing vital process cooling.

The chiller provided seamless operation for 4 months which allowed for full production capacity through the warm summer months.

1000kw Process Chiller Hire- notes

This Modular cooling rig is a modified Climaveneta BE/SRAT/SL3603 chiller. The modification design criteria was to allow for increased flexibility of use. This chiller is more portable than the original, can be fitted into awkward areas and can be used in a 650 or 1000Kw configuration- a very flexible- powerful- reliable machine.

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