Air handling unit hire- specialist portable climate control AHU’s available for all large scale temporary space cooling, heating and climate control applications.

Our portable climate control units put you firmly in control of your environment. Professional high spec units provide cooling in conjunction with water chillers and heating from electric heater banks. Automatic control, remote and on-board sensors maintain your space to exact temperatures.



High pressure, high volume fans move large volumes of air directly or through distribution ductwork into you space.

Air handling unit hire available now for long and short term hire at unbeatable rates. Available in two sizes- large   and small. Large rated at 160kW cooling / 120kW heating / small at 100kW cooling / 60kW heating. Air volumes 17,500 and 8,000 respectively.


ACR 160.120 AHU specs


Close Control Air Handling Unit Hire


alphacoolAiredale close control air handling system hire for all applications requiring high quality accurate control of the working environment- including, data centres, clean manufacturing areas etc

Full stand alone systems to 350kW can be supplied including chillers, pipe-work etc, overlapping your system to meet full N plus 1 cooling requirements, or to provide complete disaster breakdown recovery.


Download our Airedale Space cooling factsheet


Fabric air-sock distribution

Air-sock fabric distribution ducting supplies air more evenly over greater arrears to ensure lower noise levels and reduced hot-spots and drafts- this is an excellent system for air distribution and is suited to all applications.


air handling unit hire
An air-sock distribution system installed in a Boeing 747 fuselage.


Our rental air-sock systems are supplied in 5m lengths that zip together for fast safe installation. Small holes cut into the fabric distribute the air along the complete length of the duct.

Advanced Climate Rentals can supply a fully designed air-sock system with air handling units that fully meet expectations operationally and aesthetically.


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